Our regular hours are 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM seven days a week. Earlier hours are available upon request.

Personal Training Sessions:

$80 an hour. Bring your friend for free.

What will you learn in this class:

How to work out more intelligently and effectively. Why gyms are good for people watching but not really healthy to work out in ( think emf, blu light and damage to mitochondria).  What ‘healthy” foods are actually killing you and what to eat instead ( why banana in the winter is not healthy).  What really makes you fat or impedes you from gaining muscle. What supplements to take and which ones are a waste of money. What are the toxins that are  killing us and how to detox your body.  How our environment has become the number one  cause of chronic illnesses  and how to protect yourself. I will also direct you to the science behind all these assertions.

All services are by appointment only. Please call 774-244-4213 to schedule a session or make an online booking from our Reservations page.

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